Sunday, January 29, 2012

shall we?

it's fun in having rest.
rest physically & mentally
free from any form of works, any interference of thoughts

at one point, we may be tickle with questions why this & why that,why we have to do this & that
why we have to burden ourselves with this &  that
& at that time, we may shout for some rest.
a little while or the long one,
also,might envy others who just can do what they want to,
*rising hand, & blurt :chop! shall we have some rest?

& kita masa tue, kita juga lupa,
kenapa ye syurga tu berat?
kenapa ye syurga tue tak senang nak dapat?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reason why still live

Let's stop for a while and start thinking why we are still alive.
Why some people, they are sooo evil but still, Allah do not take his live and just make him the dwellers of hell.Or why there's a person which is veryyy very veryyy kind, but still Allah lets him live in this transient world that full of filth instead of putting him in paradise? why ? Is it not that paradise is for those who did good and believe in Allah, and hell is for those who are tyrant, do injustice and bad things?
Of  coz the answer is simple, because Allah still gives time to those who act wrongfully to repent, and for those who did good to do more good. Also, the time of test has not ended yet (death). Then, we should never ever look down on people, whoever he maybe.. Who is amirul mukminin before his Islam? And who is him after embrace Islam? Who can expect the harshest person to Islam will turn out to be the strongest to protect it?
We human, know not the future, we strive only for ourselves. Islam doesn't need us, but we need Islam. Allah doesn't need Islam to be revived, but we need and all other human need. The writer believed that, revival of Islam is to safe the whole human being from kufur, it is not to have the muslim dominate the world, it's to create a better world. Subhannallah Allah doesn't need anything from us, if any of us believe or kufur nothing will add or subtract from Allah's power. Wallahua'lam.