Monday, October 3, 2011

hornet's sting

An uninvited news. Two of our group members were stung by a hornet. Of course, nobody wishes to be in their place especially at this moment when we gonna have our second PBL discussion by tomorrow. However, we must always believe that Allah didn't create something for nothing.

As medical students of today & future doctors of tomorrow, we must learn something from this incident right? What are we gonna do when someday in the future, the same thing happens again? Public community who knows that u're a medical student, surely will appoint you to take over the case right?

InsyaAllah, I'll share a little bit info regarding this matter. Just to make it simple, let's turn it into a story.

Let say, one day, A and B walk around a garden. Suddenly, a hornet comes and stings A. What should B do at that moment?

At the very first place, either A or B can't touch the hornet with his bare hand because a hornet can sting multiple times unlike the honey bees which sting only once. Thus, try to remove the hornet from the infected part by using a tool, anything that u have with u at that time.

Secondly, put on some ice or cold water to prevent the spread of the poison to another uninfected part. Bear in mind that it is ice or cold water and not any kind of 'minyak angin'.

The next important step is to urgently bring the patient to nearby hospital or clinic within two hours after the incident happened to prevent the poison from spread into the circulatory system.

A very brief note from me. Guys! Feel free to add some more info and share your knowledge.

ps : may the two of us get well soon :)

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