Monday, November 7, 2011

accept YOURSELF!

Assalamualaikum and hai..:)

First of all, hows ur minitest guys? are you satisfied with what you got? or you dont satisfy with your result and blame yourself for not being able to get what you aim for? whatever it is, life must go on and we still have another big exam to think of. and for that reason, learn from our mistakes. never let banana fruit two times. ;)

Back to the main point Can you see the capital letters YOURSELF? Who is YOURSELF? Is YOURSELF a reader who is reading my piece of typing right now? yes! you know YOUrself. right?.. BTW, have you asked yourself whether you’re satisfied being YOU? I mean, you just love the way YOU are and not trying to please others who want you to be NOT YOU.. You got me right? Please say you do understand me…*why am I being so desperate? -.-’*

Well, if you live your life just to please others.. it means you don’t deserve your life. I didn’t say it is not right to please others but in this context, do it moderately!

There are a lot of situations showing that how ungrateful we are and how we tend not to accept who we are..

Let’s scroll down…………..

I think I just need to lose some weight, gain some weight, pass the exam (at least distinction ok), read more books (Atlas of Human Anatomy, medical physiology, recipe etc), become a good son, daughter, friend, student…. And then I will like myself!

I only need to look better, feel better, be better and then I will be a worthwhile person.

I sleep early and I also wake up early,, but my friends always say I’m a hardworking girl who tends to non-stop study..(What the heck if you said I’m a severe hardworking girl while you stayed up until midnight just to study? Our study hours still the same k!) =.=’. So, I think I just need to stop studying right now and start practicing to become a sleeping beauty…and then my friends will like me.

I love pink damn much but my bff doesn’t like pink cuz she thinks I’m a childish person who loves to hold a Barbie doll when sleeping -__-’ So, I think, I just need to change my fav color from pink to grey because she likes to watch Grey’s anatomy…and then, she will like me.


If you are or tend to be in these situations…STOP!

Please refrain yourself from being trapped into any situation like this! If you allow yourself to think like this you will never, ever accept yourself because you will always be waiting for some perfect time which will never arrive.

Hence, all you have to do is just simply accept YOURSELF. You are UNIQUE, AMAZING and FABULOUS just the way you are.. You should hear your own heart’s word (kata hati) or your intuition. You, yourself know better. But, it doesn’t mean you have to reject other’s opinions blatantly. Take it as a good advice if their words benefit you. Let say, if your friend says you have a bad body odor, will you still sticking up to your habit not taking a bath? Of course not, right?

In fact, God has created man in the best form. But somehow, we tend not to appreciate ourselves. Please guys, be grateful for who you are and for what you have. Love your family, friends and dreams. Try to LOVE everything that you have, DON’T try to have everything that you love!

Thus, in order to accept yourself.. Look in a mirror and say: “ mirror..mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful girl/ handsome boy in al-tabari?” You should say this: ‘ I love You’ ..and start singing BRUNO MARS SONG- JUST THE WAY YOU ARE..YOU here doesn’t mean a guy/girl you love, who you put his/her picture on your mirror ok! YOU= yourself lorh.. Try to say this sacred word (I love you) again and again until you fall in love with yourself and you can accept yourself…Praise to Allah!

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